This site serves two purposes. It is a gym for Michael A. Smith, a professional web developer, and it holds news and information on the Smith and Li families.

“What do you mean, ‘a gym’?”

By “gym” I mean that I use this space to try out new things and practice web design. Sometimes that means I’ll be trying out a new HTML editor, or a new alistapart trick. More specifically, I mean that stuff may break on occasion. Please leave a comment if that happens, just in case I missed it. If you can’t leave a comment, send me an email.

Family news

I’m going to try to update the ‘blog at least once a week now.

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  1. hopefully this comment doesn’t apaper multiple times (it seems to freeze once i try to post my comment.. not certain if it’s really posting), but all I really wanted to say was great post and thanks for sharing.

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